What is Team PRP and How Does It Benefit Me?

Team PRP LogoGood questions. Let’s start by defining the name. First, “PRP” is an acronym for Premium Recycled Parts. And “Team PRP” is a nationwide network of independently owned automotive recyclers with millions of quality used and remanufactured auto parts in stock – ready for delivery to discerning customers who value a dollar.

Every Team PRP member is required to uphold specific standards and practices. Here are some of the benefits you gain by dealing with Auto Parts of Shelby, a proud Team PRP member:


Our warranties are some of the strongest in the business.

Buy With Confidence red and gold medallionEvery part we sell is covered by our standard 90-Day Warranty* at no extra cost to our customers. If you purchase a part from us and your part fails within 90 days of purchase, return it to us and receive an exchange part or full credit toward your next purchase at Auto Parts of Shelby. What’s more, for our customers who want even better coverage, we offer the opportunity to purchase Silver (6-month), Gold (1-year), or Platinum (5-year) Extended Warranties*. And as you may have already heard, our awesome Remanufactured Engines & Transmissions come with a fabulous 3-Year/100,000-Mile Parts and Labor Warranty* included.

*Some conditions and limitations may apply. Ask your salesperson for details.


Each Team PRP member uses an identical quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards. The result is a nationwide label that delivers consistently high quality parts and maximizes consumer, mechanical repairer, collision center, and estimator confidence. If we don’t stock the part you need on site at Auto Parts of Shelby, rest assured that any parts we get from our Team PRP partners will also be excellent quality and carry the same superb warranties.


Team PRP members ship and deliver parts faster than our competitors. All Team PRP members share inventories regionally and nationally, with a nationwide delivery system that is both fast and dependable. Immediate parts availability throughout our extensive network and a 24-Hour In-Stock Shipping Policy ensure our customers get what they need quickly.


We pay any supplements on our parts and communicate with the estimator and repairer so there won’t be any surprises.


Your call, fax, or e-mail will guarantee a quick response from one of our expert sales staff.


Our quotes are guaranteed a minimum of 7 days. If the part we quoted has been sold to another customer, we will do our best to find you another part at the same price. Finding that replacement part is based on availability, of course.


We have a 30-Day, No-Hassle Return Policy.


Remanufactured Engine We offer Team PRP branded remanufactured engines and transmissions. These products are manufactured under the strictest of standards. Our 3-Year/100,00-Mile Parts and Labor Warranty* attests to the superior quality of these remanufactured engines and transmissions.

*Some conditions and limitations may apply. Ask your salesperson for details.


Re-using auto parts and recycling those parts that can’t be re-used are great for our environment. Even most automotive fluids can be re-used or recycled.  For example, at Auto Parts of Shelby, we recycle certain automotive fluids by using them to heat our warehouse each winter.  In fact, as it turns out, about 95% of an end-of-life vehicle can be used or recycled!  Pretty awesome, huh?  And of course, that benefits us all.

Here’s more about Team PRP, what it means to you, the customer, and what it means to our environment:




Our hard-working General Manager, Chris Clark, is all about taking care of business.  From the time he walks in the door early each morning until he leaves that evening, Chris focuses on Auto Parts of Shelby customers and getting things done.  There’s no foolin’ around.

That’s why we’re a little surprised by this CHRIS CLARK — GANGNAM STYLE video we uncovered.  Who knew the boy had it in him?


All of us at Auto Parts of Shelby would like to wish you a safe, fun Memorial Day weekend.  As you enjoy your time with your friends and family, please take a moment to remember those brave men and women who have sacrificed and are sacrificing to make our freedom possible.

(If you like this Memorial Day graphic, feel free to use it as your desktop wallpaper.)

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For over 60 years, the high quality remanufactured engines and transmissions that we sell have exceeded industry standards with same-as-new performance.

Here are some of the reasons that our remanufacturing partner has developed such a reputation for quality and reliability over the years:

QUALITY ADVANTAGE   Remanufactured Engine Engine air tested Cold run test Computerized air gapping No Welding

ASSEMBLY DC-torqueing of critical fasteners Variable lines-flexible-expandable-quick start End-of-line spin testing for oil flow, compression, and torque

MACHINING CAPABILITIES Six CNC horizontal machining centers Robotics CNC crankgrinder CNC honing

UNEQUALED QUALITY CONTROL ISO-9002, QS-9000, ISO-14000 Six Sigma Two coordinate measuring machines – the latest in deck and cylinder surface finish measuring equipment

APPLICATIONS  Remanufactured Engine Parts Ford GM Nissan Land Rover Chrysler Toyota Honda Marine

Because our high-quality remanufactured engines and transmissions are built to last with the latest technology available anywhere in the world today, we are able to confidently offer one of the best warranties in the business.  Our Warranty covers parts and labor as described in Remanufacturer’s Limited Warranty for a period of 36 Months/100,000 Miles.  Yes, that’s right.  36 MONTHS / 100,000 miles!

Auto Parts of Shelby is a proud Team PRP Member.



Aftermarket body parts for saleeYou’ve had an accident, or your car needs repair for another reason.  You have choices to make.  Which parts should you buy — new OEM (produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer), Aftermarket, Used, or when available, Remanufactured?  Sometimes, the insurance company makes the choice for you unless you’re willing to pay additional fees to get what you want.

Usually, new OEM parts will cost more than any of the other options.  Sometimes, OEM parts are better than the other new options; sometimes they’re not.  In fact, certain Aftermarket parts actually exceed the quality of some OEM parts.  The trick is knowing when that’s the case and when it isn’t.

And it gets a little more complicated.  There’s only one manufacturer of Ford OEM parts, for example, and you usually buy their parts at a Ford dealership.  Aftermarket parts are manufactured by thousands of different companies, and you can buy them from thousands of different sources.  Some of the Aftermarket manufacturers produce outstanding products that are even better than the OEM parts.  These parts aren’t always cheaper than the OEM parts, but when they’re not, their price is often justified by the higher quality of the products.

Other Aftermarket parts are really good and available at considerable savings to the consumer.  The key is determining which manufacturers’ parts fall in this category because there are other manufacturers whose parts are very much hit and miss.  Sometimes they fit; sometimes they don’t.  Their quality isn’t really up to reasonable standards.  Putting those lower-quality parts on a nice vehicle can cost you more in reduced vehicle value than what you save on the parts.

At Auto Parts of Shelby, we sell Used, Aftermarket, and Remanufactured parts.  What’s more, we would use any of the 3 types of parts on our vehicles.  In fact, we do just that.

We started selling Aftermarket parts in the mid-80s.  To be frank, the parts we sold then weren’t that good.  But they were the best we could find then, and they were quite inexpensive.  Since that time, more manufacturers got in the Aftermarket parts business, and the cream rose to the top as it usually does.  We’re proud of the quality of the Aftermarket parts we sell today.  They look good, they fit, and they save our customers money.

Give our Aftermarket parts a try and see for yourself.