Mission Statement

When customers choose to spend their hard-earned money with Auto Parts of Shelby, we will ensure that they receive excellent value for their money.  We will strive to give our customers confidence and peace of mind in buying our recycled parts. 

Our Warranty

Buy with Confidence seal

For your peace of mind, we offer a standard 90-Day Warranty on every part we sell.  If you purchase a part from us and your part fails within 90 days of purchase, return it to us and receive an exchange part or full credit toward your next purchase at Auto Parts of Shelby.

Additionally, we offer affordable Extended Warranties on our parts.  When you buy from Auto Parts of Shelby, you have the option to purchase Silver (6-month), Gold (1-year), or Platinum (5-year) Extended Warranties.  What’s more, our Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions come with 3-Year 100,000-Mile Warranties!

To see how affordable our parts and warranties are, take a minute to Search Our Inventory.  These prices already include our standard 90-Day Warranty.

Who We Are

Auto Parts of Shelby (APS) opened in Shelby, North Carolina in 1986. APS’s
Auto Parts of Shelby Crewparent company, Cleveland County Auto Brokers, Inc., has been in business for over thirty years.

Auto Parts of Shelby is a full-service salvage yard, as is our sister company, AACE Auto Salvage.  Auto Parts U Pull of Shelby & Charlotte — two self-service yards — are other arms of the Cleveland County Auto Brokers group of companies.

The current President of Cleveland County Auto Brokers, Inc. and the business mind behind its operations is Jerry Allen.  Jerry started attending automotive salvage auctions with his dad when he was two years old, but he didn’t actually start buying wrecked cars until he was twelve.  Wonder what took him so long?

Young boys often have their bedroom walls covered with pictures of their favorite sports heroes, band members, or super models.  Jerry’s walls had posters of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Porsches.

General Mgr Chris Clark and President Jerry AllenOne of Jerry’s most valuable assets is his ability to find, hire, train, and retain honest people to help run the various operations.  Chris Clark, General Manager of Auto Parts of Shelby, has worked with Jerry for over two decades.  Chris has an extensive understanding of the automotive  used parts and recycling business.

Jerry and Chris are constantly looking for ways to offer more to their valued customers.  The current list of APS services is long, and rest assured, it will be growing.